By Lucid Fusion

You’ve (hopefully) put a lot of tender loving care into your website. And for good reason—that hard working piece of internet real estate is not only responsible for serving as your brand’s public persona, it’s also the foremost way for people to learn more, buy more, and connect with you.

With so much riding on this essential part of your brand’s identity, the last thing you want to do is put a bunch of time, effort, and resources into your website and then launch it into the world wide web without so much as a second thought. That’s because technology, consumer expectations, and best practices are constantly changing; in order to keep up and make sure that it’s effectively reaching and converting everyone it’s supposed to, your website needs to be constantly changing, too. The best way to do this is by making testing and optimization an ongoing priority.

From the smallest CTA tweaks, to bigger usability or design considerations, every little bit helps to ensure that your website maintains the optimal level of awesome for as long as your brand exists. Check out our infographic to see just some of the ways testing and optimization can deliver big results for the life of your website.


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