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ACT! by Sage

The new ACT! 2010 comes in three versions, one for 10 or few users, the other two for larger workgroups.

Sage SalesLogix

Sage SalesLogix CRM Suite is a fully integrated sales, marketing, support and e-commerce application suitable for the small, mid-sized to large organization.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

New to the Interlinx product line, welcome to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.

Interlinx Associates, LLC - Linking Companies to their Customers

Welcome to Interlinx Associates

Interlinx Associates, LLC dedicates its resources to bringing high tech to the high touch arena of customers and prospects. Now more than at any time in recent history, we need to fully utilize the available technology to capture and hold customers through excellent service and consistently meeting expectations. We can do that best by capturing intelligence on our customers and prospects and using that intelligence to design products and services that meet their needs. At the same time we all have less time and fewer people and resources. Interlinx Associates, LLC brings CRM experience in the areas of software selection, integration, customization, and implementation. Interlinx will help you maximize productivity of existing resources.

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Support Blocks
now Available

You have your software loaded, the database is cleaned up and ready to go. Your users are trained, and ready to rip… Now who is going to keep your finely tuned systems running smoothly over the years to come?

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Interlinx Associates employs many talented individuals with varying backgrounds in business and information technology. This melting pot allows your company to draw from a deep knowledge reserve to help improve your bottom line.

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Customer Relationship Management is not a technology, or a software application that your company loads and commands everyone to use. In the best sense of the words, CRM is a business strategy that can help guide an organization from good to great.

Whether you know it or not, your company already has a Customer Relationship Management strategy…Your people are implementing it every day. But if you don’t document and verbalize it, you may not recognize it for what it is. And if you don’t recognize it, how do you know if it is the right strategy for where you want to go?

Customer Relationship Management
Strategy Effectiveness Assessment

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