The Hundreds Shopify Plus eCommerce site features a 100% custom and seamless Wordpress integration to populate blog content on the homepage feed. This custom solution has been distinctly recognized by the Shopify Plus team as a remarkable technological achievement within the platform.



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Magento 2 to Shopify Plus
Blog Integration
WordPress & Shopify Plus

The Hundreds is a distinguished streetwear and lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles looking to tell their brand narrative through their unique perspective on street subculture. They came to us looking for a new Shopify Plus eCommerce experience that would seamlessly integrate their Wordpress blog content, so that blog articles, products, and shop collections are featured in one continuous feed on the homepage.

No one has ever seamlessly integrated a Wordpress blog with Shopify.

Naturally, we accepted the challenge and custom-built a solution that did not require the use of subdomains or simply-not-100%-seamless RSS feeds.

Our solution allows The Hundreds team to continue to utilize Wordpress for blog content management. In turn, Shopify serves up these content pieces on all appropriate pages. To top it off, we synced over 9,000 blog articles that encompassed 12 years of content in time for our site launch.

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