ClockedIn allows users to experience a day in the life of EvoArmy of athletes—and seamlessly shop their featured EvoShield gear in the process.



UX Design, UI Design, Web App Development

W3 Gold
general websites—sports
W3 Silver
mobile apps/sites—shopping
interactions per visit

EvoShield tasked Lucid Fusion with designing and building an elegant, functional digital experience that was optimized for mobile, but capable of performing just as well (and looking just as awesome) across all platforms. The dynamic site also needed to serve as a showcase for EvoShield’s unique range of products, providing users with the ability to seamlessly “shop the experience.”

Lucid Fusion worked directly with EvoShield to create an immersive site utilizing a dynamic content interface that provides users with specific content, based on time of day. This interactive experience was a key factor to the success of user adoption and engagement; it creates an immersive narrative that builds anticipatory buzz while also helping to keep the content fresh and relevant. Along with dynamic content, a custom Instagram-enabled e-commerce platform was implemented, which allows users to shop EvoShield products directly from the website or mobile app.

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