Thermo Fisher’s CRISPR Search and Design Tool enables users to quickly search their database of 600,000+ predesigned CRISPR guide RNAs, receive recommendations based on potential effects, and purchase gRNAs directly from the Web tool.



Web Development, UI Design, UX Design, Strategy

A custom web app that connects the CRISPER API to an easily accessible, user-friendly eCommerce platform.

Thermo Fisher created a proprietary API for accessing the national database of CRISPR guide RNAs and a basic platform for helping users identify and select sections for gene editing. What they didn’t have, however, was a way to connect that API to an eCommerce platform, or a user-focused interface that made it easy to search for and visualize key pieces of information.

Lucid Fusion worked closely with the Thermo Fisher in-house development team to organize, sort, and improve the visualization of their data. We also designed new workflows, breaking down the complex process of actions into more easily digestible pieces, to help make the user experience more intuitive.

Using our knowledge and expertise about both the Thermo Fischer brand and back-end connectivity, LF then developed a custom web app that connects the CRISPR API to an easily accessible, user-friendly eCommerce platform, enabling users to:
Quickly search through the national database of over 600,000 guide RNAs
Analyze sequences of interest using proprietary algorithms
Receive recommendations based on potential effects
Purchase gRNAs and other recommended products for genome editing directly from the Web tool

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