Experiment Manager

Lab technicians now have the ability to easily set up, monitor, and manage experiments in the cloud—without having to rely on clunky, antiquated technology (we’re looking at you, Excel.)



Strategy, Brand Identity, UI/UX Wireframing, Design, Front-end Development

A clear brand infrastructure and improved workflows helped facilitate deployment of Experiment Manager in the cloud.

Thermo Fisher was relying on outdated, PC-only software for lab technicians to set up experiments. The use of antiquated technology like spreadsheets also contributed to broken workflows that compromised data, results, and overall efficiency. Because Thermo Fisher hoped to move their Experiment Manager to the cloud, all of these issues needed to be addressed.

Lucid Fusion determined that the root of Thermo Fisher’s challenges in this endeavor were strategy-based. LF first worked together with their team to identify goals, define required capabilities, and organize their priorities. With a clear brand infrastructure in place, LF could then help them apply it to other products and services throughout the company. Finally, Lucid Fusion restructured their workflows and organizational processes to facilitate deployment of Experiment Manager in the cloud.

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