Mortgage Origination Solutions

CoreLogic’s Mortgage Origination Solutions interactive digital vertical provides a clean, approachable environment for customers to learn more and connect.



Web development, Motion Graphics, 2D Video Animation

Prioritizing clean, approachable design helped create an enticing, educational, and customer-focused experience.

CoreLogic wanted to create a cohesive offering for their Mortgage Origination Solutions, but the content on their existing site was fragmented and didn’t tell a complete story. They tasked Lucid Fusion with developing an experience that would clearly and effectively showcase CoreLogic’s services.

In close collaboration with CoreLogic, Lucid Fusion developed an interactive website and explainer video for CoreLogic’s Mortgage Origination Solutions suite of products.

By prioritizing clean, approachable design, Lucid Fusion created an environment that not only entices and educates visitors, but also encourages them to connect directly with CoreLogic and continue their customer journey.

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