myStorey Investor Deck

Customized content, meticulous research, and kickass design join forces to create myStorey’s distinctive infographic investor deck.



Infographic Design, Content Creation, Social Content Creation, Content Creation + Aggregation

Did you know 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual? MyStorey uses that fact to their advantage with this unique, infographic-style investor deck.

Born in the Lucid Fusion Labs division, myStorey is an innovative social commerce platform that enables people to “shop” their friends’ photos. A collection of stores curated with items cherished by the user’s friends and idols, myStorey makes shopping more personal. The myStorey team needed an investor deck to showcase their revolutionary platform and present myStorey to potential investors and partners.

Lucid Fusion worked with the myStorey team to establish goals and define the core functionality of the platform. LF then conducted research to identify all of the key data points within the presentation and develop a concept that illustrates the market need and viability of the unique myStorey technology. The deck was then designed and optimized for web and print.

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