Oru Kayak's website provides a clean, functional, and experiential eCommerce Shopify environment that is capable of handling large influxes of web traffic (thanks to all those Shark Tank reruns).



Web App Development, UI Design, Shopify Plus

increase in revenue
increase in new users
W3 Silver
general websites—consumer goods

In anticipation of their upcoming appearance on Shark Tank, Oru Kayak wanted to take their e-commerce Shopify site to the next level with a fresh, new experimental design that would also be able to handle a large increase in online traffic. The biggest challenge? It all had to happen in three weeks.

Successfully launching a site of this size and complexity in three weeks is no small thing. To pull it off, Lucid Fusion and Oru Kayak worked elbow-to-elbow to collaborate on design and UX using video, animated gifs, and a parallax environment to tell the story of Oru Kayak’s unique, origami-inspired kayak.

Effort was also made to ensure that the Shopify-powered site is responsive, consistently fast to load, and that the server infrastructure can easily handle any influx of traffic to the site—which, during the Shark Tank airing, numbered in excess of 12,000 concurrent users.

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