PacsCube Online

An interactive parallax scrolling homepage, animated explainer video, and animated timeline all work together to effectively communicate DatCard’s products, services, and benefits.



UI Design, Web App Development, UX Strategy, Motion Graphics

Custom-built interactive features and assets encourage visitors to engage and connect.

To support its marketing and sales strategies, DatCard wanted to revamp its original website with a product video and parallax environment that would more effectively communicate the convenience and security of the PacsCube product while also improving brand identity.

Focusing on DatCard’s brand guidelines and core messaging, Lucid Fusion developed a new, streamlined website and infrastructure that promotes DatCard’s products and benefits, and encourages visitors to contact the company for information and assistance.

An engaging, easy-to-navigate homepage and user-friendly interface further highlights PacsCube features and upgrades, while also curating a targeted experience for visitors. Custom-built interactive features (like a parallax infographic homepage, product workflow video, and animated timeline illustrating key milestones and accomplishments) all work together to position DatCard as an industry leader and reinforce the brand’s identity.

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