Pixi Beauty sells beauty and makeup products online and in retail stores worldwide. They were noticing stagnant sales on their dated Magento eCommerce build and came to us for a nimble solution to revamp their desktop and mobile experience.



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From Magento to Shopify Plus

Pixi Beauty was tired of managing website hosting and a house of cards of plugins on the Magento platform, and identified our team as the prime partner for site redesign and content migration.

Pixi Beauty approached us with a website that looked like it was stuck in 2005, complete with text-only mobile homepage experience.

Our marketing and creative teams worked closely together to produce a conversion-driven eCommerce experience with beautiful product imagery and fresh new colors and fonts to immerse the visitors in a revamped Pixi brand. 

To complement the new design, we delicately implemented light animations and hover-over effects throughout the web experience. Just as important: all page templates were developed in a modular form so that content could be swapped out easily by the Pixi team.

As a testament to proper and data-driven UX design: just 1 month after launch, the new eCommerce site achieved over 300% increase in sales!

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