PRG Nation

InnerSelf Technologies hopes to create a PRG Nation, built around their new bio-stimulation and monitoring system.



Branding, Brand Strategy, 3D Graphics, Web Development

Building brand identity, presence, and buzz to help educate and win over potential customers.

InnerSelf Technologies had a big idea: combine the physical preparation and recovery benefits of bio-stimulation technology with the convenience and monitoring capabilities of wearables. What they didn’t have was a brand identity, product presence, or website with which to entice investors and potential customers.

Lucid Fusion worked closely with the InnerSelf team to identify and define their brand, product capabilities, and goals.

Armed with the technical know-how to build this strong foundation, LF created a solid brand identity along with 3D product renderings, and developed a strategy for InnerSelf’s product launch that included an enticing video to educate and help sway potential customers.

All of these efforts laid the groundwork for a comprehensive product landing page, designed to showcase the PRG technology, introduce the people and personalities behind the brand, and provide a place for interested parties to learn more and stay current with updates on the project’s progress in crowdfunding channels.

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