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Branding, Brand Strategy, Web Development, Shopify Plus

W3 Gold
general websites—consumer goods

QALO is a company with a strong vision, a unique product, and an ever-growing band of loyal brand advocates. In order to provide the best possible experience for their customers, QALO needed a website that could effectively represent their core values and identity, while also promoting easy, user-friendly shopping functionality on a Shopify Plus platform.

Lucid Fusion worked closely with the QALO team to refine and strengthen their existing branding, which LF then used as a foundation to guide their new web experience.

Their existing site (which was clunky, outdated, and—even worse—overwhelming and confusing to buyers) needed a complete overhaul, so LF built one from the ground-up. Emphasizing new brand colors and style guidelines, we streamlined and updated their user experience, making it easier for folks to navigate through the site and make a purchase (using the power of Shopify Plus).

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