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Branding, Content Creation, Web Development, UI Design, UX Design, Motion Graphics, Marketing Automation, Testing & Optimization, Social Media

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Facing the approaching official launch of their new HR management solution, Sage found themselves at square one. They would need not only a new product website, but also a complete brand strategy—including messaging and design—to build a foundation for future advertising, marketing, and PR outreach. Sage brought Lucid Fusion on board to help develop and create a holistic, start-to-finish launch solution.

Lucid Fusion worked closely with the Sage HR Online team to identify and define their audience, requirements, and overall project goals. From there LF honed their core messaging and built a brand identity that served as the foundation for the website’s look and feel.

LF started the website build by designing an interactive, infographic-style “How it Works” page, using illustrations to demonstrate how each service model operates individually and within the suite as a whole.

Next, Lucid Fusion scripted and shot a conceptual explainer video to live on the homepage, using the metaphor of an orchestra to showcase how Sage HR Online represents a complete solution to recruiting, engaging, and retaining your top talent for the success of the entire team.

To support the website launch, LF also put together a comprehensive marketing, PR, and social media strategy, leveraging a broad range of custom-created content (including infographics, case studies, and thought leadership pieces) to raise awareness and establish credibility.

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