The Ultimate Home Theater Sound Bars

VIZIO’s product video showcases the quality and design of VIZIO’s new sound bar technology—as seen online and in big-box retailers across the country.



3D and 2D Video Animation

LF demonstrated the elegance, quality, and versatility of VIZIO’s technology with engaging 3D animation video.

Because most consumers associated VIZIO with television sets, the company needed to build awareness of its new sound bar product, showcasing exceptional sound quality and elegant design. VIZIO asked Lucid Fusion to create a video to be featured on multiple online retail websites, and as a primary display in retail stores such as Walmart and Costco.

By placing the VIZIO sound bar in a 3D stylized room and pairing it with VIZIO’s M-Series TV line, Lucid Fusion could both showcase the complete capabilities of the sound bar and cross-sell the products.

The “living room” environment demonstrated how the sound bar could be used as a home theater system or entertainment center for social gatherings, while also illustrating how the elegant design enhanced the room’s ambiance. Because the animation was created in 3D, LF was able to create shots and show pieces of the sound bar that would be impossible in a live action shot.

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