By Lucid Fusion

(It makes everything better.) Content is KING—at least that’s what every marketing study, article, and blog post has been declaring for the last decade or so.

Even we’ve said it. The truth is, rather than being the marketing strategy to rule all other strategies, great content is at its best when you’re using it to drive and boost all of your marketing efforts.

That’s because in order to create and deliver relevant, resonant content, you first need a comprehensive understanding of your audience—and there’s nothing that guides strategy better (be that for social media, email, SEO, direct mail, or PR) than knowing exactly who your target market is, and what it takes to win them over.

Content is about providing value. And while sending email newsletters and engaging with customers on social media is important, you have to consider what the customer can take away from those exchanges that represents value against their time invested. Have an accounting firm? Instead of tweeting to remind followers about filing their tax returns on time, try linking them to your blog post with the Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tax Returns. Or, instead of sending an email about your April promotions, try adding a CTA link to your free, downloadable Tax Time Checklist. Providing something of quality to your customers helps make each interaction on every marketing channel more meaningful and memorable.

View the infographic below to see how content creation can make a big impact on your marketing efforts across the board.


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